27th July 2019

Account Facilities

Viper Account Facilitates

Viper can offer accounts to qualifying businesses.

Cash flow is important to every business, including ours. Credit facilities is only offered to established businesses that spend with us on a regular basis. First time customers will not be eligible to apply until a proved 3 month trading history is established.

We do take credit cards if your business needs to fund your first transactions and do not charge any handling fees.

The following criteria must be met:

  1. Average 3 month spend is over £100 per month.
  2. Average of more than 5 invoices over a 3 month period.
  3. 3 months of previous trading history.
  4. 2 satisfactory trade reference are supplied.
  5. Passing a business credit score via Experian.
  6. Payment is by Direct Debit only.

Our terms for payment is 28 days from date of Invoice. Failed Direct Debits incur a £35 admin fee added to your account.

If you wish to be considered to apply for an account, please email accounts@vipersigns.co.uk for application forms.

You can apply online for an account. Click here